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Wait a few moments and then check your Task Manager.Performance issues related to your system drive should be resolved.To establish whether it is a problem that is affecting you, when your computer next slows down press Ctrl Alt Del and select Task Manager.(Alternatively, right-click the Taskbar and select Task Manager.) Note that this may take some time to open with the drive being slow.On the first tab, Processes, look for the Disk column.Try restarting the Chrome browser if this is still an issue.

Another widely-used application could also be causing your 100% HDD usage: Skype.

In the Services window that opens find the Windows Search entry and double-click it to open the Windows Search Properties window. If not, move on…For some reason, the superfetch service has been identified as a potential cause of these disk performance issues in Windows 8.x and Windows 10.

To deal with this, open another Command Prompt (or if you’ve still got the earlier box open, use that) and enter: You’ll be informed that your PC must be rebooted for Check Disk to complete, so make sure you have closed all of your applications first.

To find out — and disable its OTT resource requirement, begin by checking that the software is not running.

You can do this by looking in the Task Manager, or checking the System Tray, the area on your desktop around the clock. Keep reading…Some drivers don’t run quite as they should in Windows 10.

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