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From the looks of her tank top, I saw no straps of a bra, so it was obvious her pretty little tits were still holding their own in perkiness.

She had that shoulder length brown hair I love, and was almost as tall as myself in her pumps.

I told her this wasn't it, but she assured me it was.

I laughed at her and was going to correct her again, when she informed me this was her house and that I should come on in.

Into the house I followed her right into the front living room where she kicked off her shoes and walked right over to the couch and flopped down.

I was a bit hesitant, but she motioned me to sit next to her, while she told me the house rule of no shoes on the carpet.

I got up from between the two guys sitting next to me and made my way to the door so I could smoke out front.

Typical situation, loud music, no smoke(stupid laws), tables packed with groups of twenty somethings swigging beers and waiting to throw darts.

I starting telling her how to get to my apartment, and she followed the path I gave her.

About half way home, and fifteen minutes into our conversation, she pulled of the road into a driveway of a house I wasn't familar with.

Just the fact that this was happening was enough to make my dick rock hard, and it showed as she exposed my boxers the head popped right out of the front.

She slid those down and grabbed my dick, and put the tip of her tongue on the head.

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