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She spat on the hood of the cameraman’s car, then charged at him, spewing out a torrent of abusive language.Kasabian then turned to a Globe reporter and shouted obscenities so shocking as to leave those in a small ring of onlookers in slackjawed disbelief.” So much for the 'innocent hippy chick’.Linda’s mother states that Robert Kasabian continued to pursue her daughter after she returned to Milford following her arrest in April 1967 (see, What Linda’s Mother Learned).Mom clearly was not a fan of Kasabian and blames him for her daughter’s ‘downfall’.I am not sure where Linda is in this picture from 1965, her sophomore year.I suspect Linda is the young woman indicated by the arrow I added.As we all know Linda Kasabian was born Linda Darlene Drouin on June 21, 1949. Before Tate-La Bianca She attended Milford High School in Milford, New Hampshire in 19. Drouin is pictured as a member of the freshman girls’ basketball team.After her sophomore year she dropped out to marry Robert Moses Peaslee. Unfortunately, back in 1964 the Freshman Class did not get a class picture in the yearbook.

The charges were reduced from ‘inciting a riot’ and the court appears to want the whole thing to go away. 1997 Possession And in 1997 she and her daughter Quanu were arrested for possession of a controlled substance (meth) in Tacoma, Washington.

At some point between April and September, 1967 Linda Drouin returned to Boston and Linda got pregnant. 1967 Kasabian Marriage On September 20, 1967 she married Robert Kasabian.

She listed as her address at the time of the ceremony the American Psychedelic Circus (commune).

The Unhappy Odyssey of Linda Kasabian provides some interesting insights into the real Linda Kasabian.

A few quotes: “Kasabian is a women with a capacity for mysterious shifts of moods and a talent for controlling them.

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