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(See notes/links/articles from past years below.) When I first posted the Apple doc on the 8600M GT repair extension program in Oct 2008, I had a reply saying that although the doc sounds promising, in reality few (out of warranty) failures he has seen were actually covered - he said the (required) diagnostic test used rarely flagged failed MBPs that had all the classic symptoms (no video on either built-in LCD or ext.display) as qualifying for the GPU extended warranty repair.(Note there later was a successful class action that was not specific to apple products) As mentioned in some financial reports in July (2008), Nvidia took a (IIRC) 0M charge related to this so I assume they're paying for these flawed GPU related failures (unless there's something in their supply contacts that frees them of any liability for material/product defects).I don't know how many readers with one of the affected models (see the apple doc) has had an failure but if you have let me know if you had any problems getting the repair covered (free) or not. I just can't see why Apple would be refusing these repairs when clearly they seem to be classic cases of the flawed GPU failing.(In his experience he said only about 10% were flagged as qualifying by that test, which I found disturbing personally if his experience was common - and made me wonder how complete its check/criteria was. ) He also said even if the test failed to flag it as qualifying they could still submit it for coverage, but rarely (in his experience) was it covered in those cases.If someone that had a GPU failure repair refused later had a real chip Failure Analysis done, the results would be interesting.

(Thinking that Snow Leopard's increased use of the GPU was a factor.) I've had similar comments in the past (from someone that had a similar problem after 10.5.7 update - thinking it "caused" the failure), but I don't think that's true.

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