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Dixon is in the hospital at the start of the following season and soon recovers enough to leave in a wheelchair.

During a therapy session, he connects with a girl named Meghan (Jessica Parker Kennedy), who's mourning the loss of her father.

We later learn that he also lost his virginity to his girlfriend Naomi's sister. Silver makes a sex tape (Season 1, "Life's a Drag")As part of an assignment, Silver secretly tapes her and boyfriend Dixon (Tristan Wilds) having sex.

It turns out that she has bipolar disorder and this incident leads to the diagnosis.

Her gay best friend Teddy (Trevor Donovan), whom she previously dated, agrees to be the father, but under the condition she uses a surrogate. Teddy's boyfriend's sister Michaela (Lyndon Smith), who also had a one-night stand with Navid (Silver's ex). The two break up, but after witnessing how happy Annie is about Dixon's recovery, Riley decides to undergo experimental surgery. 9), she realizes that she loves Riley and rushes to see him.

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The two end up dating briefly, and Dixon is able to walk again. While Annie gets Liam free, Vanessa fights off Ashley, but before the police arrives, Annie jumps in to stop Ashley from shooting Vanessa and gets shot herself. Silver uses a gestational carrier to have a baby with her gay best friend (Season 5, Episode "#realness")After learning that she has the cancer gene, Silver decides to have a baby before it's too late. Annie falls in love with Dixon's physical therapist and then he dies (Season 5, "Here Comes Honey Bye Bye")After getting off to a tense start, Annie falls for Riley (Riley Smith), Dixon's physical therapist who is paralyzed.Fortunately for her, their limo is hit by a car and he's instantly killed. ")Ivy (Gillian Zinser) starts dating Raj (Manish Dayal), who has terminal leukemia. Annie becomes a prostitute (Season 4, "Greek Tragedy")When Annie is struggling to pay her sorority dues, a friendly sister invites her to come out and dine with rich friends.On top of that, Javier had just shown her the book of songs he wrote. Steals them and plays them off as her own and, of course, they instantly become popular. When his diagnosis gets worse, Ivy says she's in it for the long haul, so Raj proposes and they get married in an extravagant Indian ceremony on the beach. Turns out the friends are paying for their company.So I thought I’d list all of the relationships that don’t make sense to me so far in the show.Granted, I’m only in the middle of the third season, but really they’ve already dated everyone and I can only imagine what’s more to come for the next two seasons.

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