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You could probably buy where you get the best deal.If you live close to Warco you may be able to pick it up directly - no carriage to pay.I have since fitted DRO's (albeit economy priced) to my X & Y axis so I can virtually forget about most of the previous, & having used them to modify the vice jaws on my bandsaw last week I found the measuring to be spot on. in all cases I check with micrometer/vernier/depth/ internal mic' /anyway, as on occasion the ' Z' axis fitted DRO has sometimes gives spurious readings.My machines are metric but if I need to use imperial, as when constructing my rear toolpost recently (Hemingway kit,usual disclaimer) the plans of which are Imp, & prior to fitting my DRO's, I simply converted by multiplying by 25.4, or dividing by same as the case may be,so working in either imp or metric should pose no probs' plus there are a plethora of conversion charts available... (probably due to me not setting it up correctly, or maybe the battery is low/cold?

And then told you how much money she had saved, spending it.

Warco include delivery in the price so if you do pick up yourself negotiate the saving.

they use their own guy for delivery and I have found it a good service on 3 occasions over 20 years.

) anyhow I am getting used to its foibles(ea.mach' WILL have its own) & so far I am content with both machines, touch wood, fingers x'd.

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