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In 1918, Piaget received his Doctorate in Science from the University of Neuchâtel.

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He didn’t care for the “right-or-wrong” style of the intelligent tests and started interviewing his subjects at a boys school instead, using the psychiatric interviewing techniques he had learned the year before.

All this early experience with science kept him away, he says, from “the demon of philosophy.” Later in adolescence, he faced a bit a crisis of faith: Encouraged by his mother to attend religious instruction, he found religious argument childish.

Studying various philosophers and the application of logic, he dedicated himself to finding a “biological explanation of knowledge.” Ultimately, philosophy failed to assist him in his search, so he turned to psychology.

The oldest child, he was quite independent and took an early interest in nature, especially the collecting of shells.

He published his first “paper” when he was ten -- a one page account of his sighting of an albino sparrow.

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