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Young graduated from Fairview High School, his local high school, in 1999, having participated in athletics, choir, and International Baccalaureate classes during his school years.

After his high school graduation, Young opened for Brian Mc Knight and New Edition, and sang the national anthem at Denver Nuggets games.

Young has four older brothers: Josh, Duff, Marc, and Ryan.

He was named after his maternal great-grandfather, Asa, and after baseball player George Brett; he has been called Ace by his family since his childhood and did not know his legal name until he was six years old.

and Skylar Lane, a popular departed contestant from this year's competition, proved she has a career ahead of her as a country singer with her duet to Turn on the Radio with Reba Mc Entire.

'We have conquered Broadway together, we have created new music together, we have an amazing group of people around us and,' Young said, with the help of David Lett jewellery I have a way to make this fun last forever.'But he seems to want to keep the judging group together as much as his long-serving rock band as he shouted out to Lopez, who has talked of leaving: 'I want to keep that team alive,' he sang, pleading for his chair-mate to sign on for another year of judging.

She assumes now he was going off somewhere to pleasure himself and then come back after.

When the helicopter landed, that permanent A lister was waiting there with the director.

Also there was another actor from the movie who is probably B list today.

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