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ALT-Mitglieder finden alternative, BDSM-, Bondage- & Fetischpartner durch

Nimm online Kontakt auf und triff dich dann direkt und jenseits des Internets.

you know, the weed-friendly states (in the eyes of the law), but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of people in your area as well.

Legal or not, people are still getting high everywhere.

Andere beliebte Arten, die unseren Mitgliedern viel Spaß machen sind Brustfesselungen, Anal Bondage und Wasser-Bondage.

Wenn du in der Stimmung bist mit zusätzlichen Bondage Kategorien zu experimentieren, versuch mal Gummi Bondage oder Bondage mit reiferen Partnern!

Vergnüge dich mit Spanking-Tetischen, einem Medizin-Fetisch, Fetisch-Sex und Fuß-Fetischen.

I was hitting a bong one day and came across this site, and it seemed like the perfect place for me. By the time that it took me to take two hits out of the bowl I had my account created and was ready to fill out a profile.

Whether or not a girl smokes weed is a touchy subject to bring up when dating. It was nice finding girls who I know are into it just like I am.

If you’re looking for some fun and high times, this is definitely the site for you.

I spend a lot of my time smoking weed, so this site was a natural place for me to gravitate to because I like my women to smoke weed too.

It’s such a great thing to do in a group and even more fun with a partner.

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