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Infidelity is still such a taboo, but we need to create a safe space for productive conversation, where the multiplicity of experiences can be explored with compassion.It might be uncomfortable, but ultimately that will strengthen relationships by making them more honest and more resilient.A pair of long-married parents are refusing to let their daughter’s unfaithful husband attend their 60th anniversary party.And a young fiancé wonders if he’s done the right thing by disinviting one of his groomsmen—a known player—at his bride’s request.Is it really so that what we don’t know doesn’t hurt? As a therapist, my role is to help contain volatile and opposing forces of passion: the lure, the lust, the urgency, the impossibility, the relief, the suspicion, the entrapment, the guilt, the dire consequences, the tragic denouement, the sinfulness, the surveillance, the madness of suspicion and the murderous urge for vengeance.My work is about generating conversations about all the things we don’t like to talk about, and I have now spent years developing ways to help us all talk in depth about adultery.

please suggest :- i) what i can do against my wife who is cheated to me. Bearing this in mind, I changed my question to, “How many of you have been affected by infidelity in your lives? A woman sees a friend’s husband having an intimate conversation with a beautiful woman on the train and wonders whether or not she should tell.A young man describes the infidelity that preceded his parents’ divorce.I want to introduce a new conversation about affairs: why they happen, what they mean, and what can be done once they are exposed.I lecture around the world on the subjects of love and sex.

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