Ali macgraw and ryan o neal dating

It went into pre-production.]Do you remember your first meeting with Arthur Hiller? I was summoned by Bob Evans, head of production at Paramount, to come out to his Beverly Hills house to meet the director of the Alan Arkin film would be an inexpensive movie to make; from their point of view, this was a little movie, not a big risk.If it didn't work and I was no good in it, it would be no big deal for the studio. AM: All I knew at first was that I liked him and respected him, and then I grew to adore him. He wasn't casual about his work in any way—you knew exactly what he wanted you to do. Like with the harpsichord shot, which he planned months earlier.I mean, Jenny is high energy; she knows what she wants; she's a smart ass. She's not the predictable, simpering housewife who's frustrated because she can't do her own thing.

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Especially me: I was an unknown; Ryan was a TV star; there was no budget.scriptwriter] Eric Segal that he make it into a book, which he did and it went onto all sorts of bestseller lists. )."AM: I've heard it sung in every language, but I love it less sung than played instrumentally. Let's talk about the film's most famous line, uttered by your character, Jenny: "Love means never having to say you're sorry." Do you believe this? That moment absolutely shows that I didn't know anything about acting; any more seasoned actress would have said, "What?The subtext was: "You look horrendous without makeup and are death-scene ready." [Laughs.]There were so many other moments, but I loved when Ryan and I were running around in the snow, playing like kids in Central Park. Its seismic success wasn't anticipated by Hollywood, or even its principals. I'm not comfortable watching myself on film; I'm not one of those actresses who has a houseful of pictures of myself. We had major screenings: the December opening in New York City, and then we went afterward in January for the Queen Mother's charity gala in London, and the Madame Pompidou's big gala, and we had to sit on the audience each time.I had recently moved to Los Angeles, but I'm from New York, and I just loved being there in winter. AM: We didn't know that it was going to be such a big deal, although at certain points while we were filming, we'd look up and see the crew crying. I've seen it since, but usually by accidently coming across it on TV.If you are lucky enough to experience that, you probably are not going to emerge from those places without some sense of what you're going to do with your life. I've heard over and over again about how far removed it was from the times.seemed to me to be a quiet peek into a changing world. This was during the Vietman war, and there were incredible anti-war movies being done.

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