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— With Lord Chancellor Macclesfield's own representa- tive no papers are preserved to assist in clearing up the ob- scure parts of his career ; but for his Life, and still more for that of his immediate successor. His Removal of Magistrates on the Assassination Plot, 127. -- I have been enabled to add many important particu- lars respecting the Lives of Lord Chancellor Northington, Digitized by Google PBIE^FACB. Adheres to Country Party, but afraid of oflfending, 6. *er*s Letter to the King tendering Resignation of Great Seal, 120. Part taken by Somers in Parliamentary Proceedings, 19^. yil and Lord Chftneellor Camden, from the very interestmg MS* Joamal of Augustas-Henry Duke of Grafton, Minister to Geoi^e IIL and a large collection of their letters, most handsomely submitted to m^ without restriction, by the present Duke of Grafton and Lord John Fitzroy, — and fixm several original letters, and a MS. — To the Earl Cowper I am indebted not only for a copy of the Diary of Lord Chancellor Cowper, which had been printed for private circulation, but for the inspection and free use of a Memorial written by him on the state of parties for the information of George L, — of the Diary of the Countess Cowper, his second wife. Present by Somers Bayler 154^ How to get rid of a profligate Parson, 134. Libel on the Lord Chancellor taken up by the House of Lords as a Breach of Privilege, and ordered to be burnt by the oo»nnon Hangman, 135. Lady of the Bedchamber to the Princess Caroline, afterwards Queen of George IL, — and of a correspondence between him and his father and mother, and both his wives, extending over a period of above fifty years. Ixcke*s Resolution to retire from public Life, 131. Standing Order against publishing any of the Judicial Decisions of the House of Lords, 136.

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