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The photographer Cassie Clayshulte posted photos of the newborns on her professional Facebook page, which have since gone viral.According to the post, Morgan and Edwin Hernandez welcomed their baby Romeo at pm on Sunday.

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At one point during his nearly four-hour set, he instructed his guitarist to "make love to the guitar like it is one of these beautiful ladies," before performing the Aventura song "Su Veneno," in which he sings of a woman whose wiles may kill him but he cannot resist. The Yankees themselves are probably the closest analogy, and the last time the Perhaps to emphasize his cross-generational appeal, the evening's most exciting cameo was the emergence of Fefita la Grande, a.k.a.

Adorable photographs taken by photographer Cassie Clayshulte show the twosome in a photo shoot with a Romeo and Juliet theme.

Both babies were scheduled to be induced on March 26 but came early.

As if to illustrate the point, he brought out his personal barber, who wanted to propose to his girlfriend of three years onstage, narrated by Santos; after she said sí, Santos performed "Un Beso," one of Aventura's biggest hits. "La Vieja Fefa," the celebrated 90-year-old merengue accordionist who is still an innovator in the style of tipica.

There was never a better introduction to that song than a real-life proposal. Reggaeton god Tego Calderón showed up to perform their excellent collabo, "Trust," followed by a mini-set of his own, including "Wasa Wasa." When '90s bachata innovators Luis Vargas and Antony "El Mayimbe" Santos, former rivals, dropped in for a thrilling, 45-minute-long trade-off/battle of their classics, the stadium experienced a collective heart attack, with even Santos doing the yes fist pump to emphasize his enthusiasm. Though they've joined him onstage before to perform their collaboration "Debate de 4" (sans Raulín Rodríguez), this was clearly a public torch-passing, elders crowning their successor. She alternately slayed her instrument, sang and grinded on Santos, embellishing their merengue dance with through-the-legs moves before jumping on him, her tiny legs cradling his waist, while wearing black jeans with sparkles on the butt. But it was Santos' finale that emphasized his persona, and exemplified why he is such a superstar.

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