App catalog not updating apps

Most of the time it is either an authentication problem, which means the App Store is having a hard time figuring out who you are, or there is a problem with another app or piece of content that the i Pad is trying to download and the app is just waiting in line.

You may need to sign into the app again once it is downloaded. If going through the authentication process by downloading an app doesn't work, sometimes simply logging out and logging back in will do the trick.

It's possible for the i Pad to get hung in the middle of the authentication process.

This can keep the i Pad from trying to authenticate with the i Tunes store again, which in turn will freeze all downloads to your i Pad.

Try powering down the Router and leave it off for a full minute before turning the router back on.

It normally takes a router a few minutes to power on and get connected to the Internet again.

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