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However, after a quiz called, 'let's get to know Erin' on Friday, August 01, and she has never been back since‘Erin decided not to continue with the spot because of her hours.

Last week, the Melbourne Uber driver told Daily Mail Australia that her quest to find love on the show was a complete waste of time and that she was left out of pocket after being paid a measly 0 per week salary.'We Knew exactly what we were getting paid Per week ...

At the wake which Adam reluctantly attends, many of his old enforcer colleagues, including his own younger brother Johnny who Adam got into the business, try to get him to return to this old lifestyle, which he declines but in such a way that those enforcer tendencies are still evident within him. Tom feels that Adam is now ready to confront that aspect of his life, and sends him back to his early twenties when he had a job with the "boss from hell", Sean, who Adam beat up after not being able to hold his temper any longer after the constant verbal abuse from Sean.

That beating left Adam with a prison sentence, a criminal record and a reputation, all which led to his job with Hastings.

He vows not to beat Sean this second time around but to walk away.

This second phase entails a form of group therapy with Dr.

Having just broken up with Ethan and officially now without a job, Erica is moving onto the next phase of her life as a currently single woman who is entering into a new business venture - 50/50 Press - with Julianne with neither partner having much capital to go into this venture.

But as Erica moves onto this new phase in life, which was encouraged by her sessions with Dr.

Tom's other patients - Adam, Camilla, Darryl and Rebecca - of whose existence Erica had no idea prior to meeting them.

This group therapy includes supporting and critiquing the others in their processes, which sometimes entails going back in time with them to deal with whatever their issues.

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