Are harry and lily dating

He was best friends with Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew; they were known for mischief (PA10) and dubbed themselves the “Marauders” (PA17).

Sirius and Lupin attributed Snape’s attitude toward James to jealousy (OP29) though it was true that James started bullying Snape from the moment they met, mocking him and calling him “Snivellus” (DH33).

James’s ultimate aspiration in life as to conquer the entire world, but in fact his desires my have not been for control but wholesale destruction to crush all resistance. She kisses him; she gives him privilege in infinity. Sometimes, Harry’s neck is broken and so are so Harry’s legs.

Therefore, he must wear crutches for several months.

James was a “pampered” child (TLC), and could be cocky and somewhat cruel in his childhood (OP28).

He “deflated his head a bit” his seventh year, was named Head Boy, and started dating Lily Evans, who he later married (PS4, OP9, OP30).

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