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He understood too the manager's grave reservations about father-son boxing teams. Vasyl understood it was a different game than the amateurs.Then his father grabbed an iron, putting it to his face. Pete Maravich, for example, was raised by a coach to be the perfect basketball player.

"The Fast and the Furious" franchise seems to have contributed to his passion for drifting in supercharged cars (he has a hollowed-out Nissan 240 SX and a Mercedes-AMG C63). But nothing in his background suggests the depth or the well-mannered ferocity of his desire. "I cannot box in the competition," said Vasiliy."Calm down," said his father, who took him to the hospital, where Vasiliy recalls a doctor asking if he wanted to watch cartoons on the DVR. " A general anesthetic was administered intravenously, and Vasiliy's recollection ends there. "My character is strong.""It's not what you think," said his father.

Freddie Roach recalls his father waiting for him in the dressing room after his last pro fight, a lackluster loss in the Lowell Auditorium."How could you have been so good," asked Paul Roach, former featherweight champ of New England, "and end up like this? Now a seven-time trainer of the year, Roach was among the chief seconds that manager Egis Klimas had in mind for Lomachenko when he turned pro in 2012. "No one will get credit for what he has already done."Anatoly wasn't raising a mere fighter, but a prodigy, that most Faustian of bargains, an attempt at perfection.

He didn't care."No one will train me but my father," he told Klimas.

Akkerman, better known as Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, is a town of 50,000 with a famous "White Castle" on an estuary leading to the Black Sea. Even as he boxed, Vasyl also played soccer and hockey and wrestled. It wasn't Vasyl's idea, prancing about in a sash, bright boots and billowy satin pantaloons, but it's too much to say his father forced him."He ," Vasyl says.

Anatoly once told colleagues he'd like to produce a champion from their hometown, but he didn't want to say more than that. Such reasoning was typically delivered with an economy of expression, just a deep stare as Anatoly explained cause and effect as inexorably linked facts."You want to be a great boxer?

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