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Or is this part of what’s going to be a lifelong process that you have to deal with? HARBOUR: What happens is that opposed to looking for calm water—how about this for a metaphor—you get better at swimming.I do see actors sometimes who are seemingly pretty satisfied with the way things are going and that’s an unfamiliar feeling to me as well. You’ve got to get stronger, being able to swim in the breaks.At that point, you start to say, how am I going to swim in this particular batch of ocean that I’ve chosen to be in?CRUDUP: As actors, we are in a unique position to observe ourselves because we spend too much time trying to understand other people. And it’s obviously not hard to do that at all, but you pointed to one of the things that I think creates a lot of tension for actors and that’s this idea of rejection.

GROOMING: LAURA DE LEON FOR JOE MANAGEMENT USING CHANEL. I saw the poster for HARBOUR: I had plastic surgery where they crack your shins and they extend the bone. I’ll only get fatter and fatter as my career progresses. You and I have worked together both on stage and in film, so I’m familiar with your process from the perspective of a colleague, somebody who works with you, watches the way you go about your work and then ultimately have to act with you. HARBOUR: I think I’m very hard on myself, I think I’ve always been very hard on myself since I was a kid.

I don’t know if you’ve done these before, but I’m sure you have. HARBOUR: [] The stars decide whether they want to do it or not and they have five actors come and read all the parts with the star. Not like a kinda bad take where everyone goes, “Okay, we’re just going to move on.” A take where it’s completely unusable. CRUDUP: Check the camera, you might have broken it. It’s nice to feel like you’re really on the high wire that way and you can really fall.

The casting director is there, the producers are there, and the director is there. Denzel and I had this big scene at the end of my arc in the movie where we improv like a three-page scene. If I can sit down and finally finish these couple things that I’m working on writing, I’d really like to start make some of my own small movies.

I’ve definitely experienced your ability to internalize a novel voice, something that really only you could do.

You said this dissatisfaction that you have, is there a correlation, for you, between that and feeling, “Listen I’ve been successful in my career, so how can I stop this process of beating myself up?

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