Bring together dating wise crossword clue

Acquittal, remis- sion, release, deliverance, for- giveness, pardon, shriving, shrift; indulgence, justification. Charge, accusation, con- demnation, censure, conviction; penance, purgation, fasting, flagellation. Acquit, clear, exoner- ate, forgive, free, liberate, re- lease, pardon, set free, dis- charge, exempt, exculpate. Accuse, condemn, con- vict, impeach, charge, compel; obligate, oblige, bind. Take in, consume, im- bibe, swallow, suck up, ex- haust; engross, engage, im- merse, occupy, arrest, rivet (of attention). Give up, disgorge, send out, radiate, throw off, eject; dissipate, distract, disperse. Absorbing, imbib- ing, assimilation, destruction, consumption, exhaustion ; en- grossment, engagement, occu- pation, immersion. Ejection, rejection, ex- pulsion, discharge; inadver- tency, inattention, oversight, disregard. Refrain, resist, for- bear, desist, deny one's self, avoid, cease, stop, withhold, give up, relinquish.

Perfect, complete, su- preme, autocratic, authorita- tive, commanding, independent, unrestricted, unqualified, un- limited, unconditioned, self- existent, self-determined, ideal; despotic, arbitrary, exacting, domineering, tyrannical, impe- rious, dictatorial, irresponsi- ble; positive, actual, real, veri- table, genuine, certain, categori- cal, unquestionable. Related, responsible, conditioned, limited, qualified, restricted, accountable; ductile, humble, lenient, meek, mild, yielding, compliant, complai- sant; dubious, contingent, de- abs] SYNONYMS AND ANTONYMS [ab fective, deficient, wanting, lack- ing, mutilated, incomplete, Absolution.

Withdrawal, draw- ing away, abstraction, kidnap- ping, seizure, appropriation. Adduction, replace- ment, restitution, restoration, surrender, reinstatement. Wandering, ram- bling, divergent, deviating, de- vious, erratic ; irregular, abnor- mal, unusual, exceptional. Regular, true, consis- tent, uniform, consecutive, nor- mal, natural, continuous. Wandering, diver- gence, irregularity, rambling, disconnectedness, hallucination, illusion, delusion, eccentricity, singularity, peculiarity. Uniformity, consecu- tiveness, regularity, progres- sion, continuity, order, type, norm. Aid, assist, promote, sup- port, sanction, uphold, counte- nance, encourage, advocate, in- cite, instigate, embolden, favor, foment, connive at, cooperate with. Hinder, impede, ob- struct, frustrate, baffle, con- found, counteract, deter, dis- courage, thwart, contradict, dis- concert, disapprove, denounce, dissuade, expose. Assistant, helper, aid, ally, cooperator, advocate, con- federate, accomplice, accessory, Abe] SYNONYMS AND ANTONYMS [abl adviser, promoter, instigator, associate, coadjutor. Opponent, foe, adver- sary, antagonist, rival, dissua- der, detector, baffler, discon- certer. Suspense, suspen- sion, expectancy, waiting, an- ticipation, dormancy, intermis- sion, quiescence, suppression, expectation. Renewal, revival, re- suscitation, action, operation, exercise, force, possession. Hate, detest, loathe, shrink from, recoil from, shud- der at, abominate, despise, dis- like, eschew, nauseate, revolt at. Crave, desire, enjoy, covet, esteem, like, love, relish, admire, approve, affect. Odious, offensive, shocking, repugnant, loath- some, revolting, horrible, repel- lent, repulsive, nauseating. Admirable, enjoyable, lovely, estimable, desirable.

Wait for, await, attend ; endure, tolerate, bear, suffer; anticipate, watch for, expect; bide, continue, reside, dwell, so- journ, tarry, lodge, rest, stay, inhabit, remain. Abandon, shun; resist, reject, avoid; deport, migrate, move, journey, continue, pro- ceed, progress. Lasting, continuing, permanent, durable, constant, stable, immutable, changeless, unchanging. Ephemeral, fickle, changeable, unsubstantial, per- ishable.

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Power, force, might, efficiency, vigor, skill, energy, dexterity, adroitness, skilful- ness, cleverness, ingenuity, tal- ent, aptitude, facility, knack, expertness, readiness, quick- ness, strength, capacity, quali- fication, competency, genius, ca- liber, capability, capableness, faculty, gift, parts. Incapacity, weakness, inability, unreadiness, mala- droitness, imbecility, impotence, disability, inaptitude, ineffi- ciency, incompetence, disquali- fication, helplessness, stupidity, folly. Base, vile, mean, low, despicable, contemptible, worth- less, groveling, fawning, beg- garly, servile, cringing, miser- able, degraded, menial, ignoble. Dignified, honorable, ex- alted, worthy, venerable, illus- trious, independent, princely, self-assertive, self-reliant, vain, arrogant, insolent, haughty. Renounce, relinquish, reject, forswear, forego, repudi- ate, disown, give up, retract, re- voke, recant, disavow, disclaim, withdraw, take back, deny, apostatize, discard. Claim, advocate, ac- knowledge, profess, vindicate, assert, demand, retain, appro- priate, avow. Accomplished, adroit, tal- ented, clever, ingenious, apt, skilful, efficient, capable, fitted, learned, gifted, masterly, tell- ing, vigorous, strong, proficient, competent, versed, practical, en- dowed, powerful, mighty. Incapable, ineffective, unqualified, stupid, inept, weak, inefficient, unskilful, silly, in- competent. Washing, bathing, cleansing, lavation, purifica- tion, baptism. Pollution, defilement, dirt, soilure, contamination, taint, stain, abomination, im- purity. Denial, abjuration, renunciation, rejection, surren- der, abandonment, disallow- ance, abstinence. Assertion, vindication, license, claim, indulgence, con- cession; affirmation, allegation, statement, declaration, word, averment, deposition; proposal, proffer. Singular, unnatural, unusual, irregular, peculiar, ex- ceptional, aberrant, erratic, monstrous, preternatural. Normal, regular, usual, natural, typical, customary, or- dinary, common.

Alongside, side by side, aligned; against, off, op- posite to. Abrogate, annul, de- stroy, repeal, revoke, suppress, terminate, rescind, cancel, nul- lify, suppress, overthrow, ex- tirpate, remove, prohibit, set aside, end, stamp out. Establish, support, sus- tain, cherish, confirm, continue, restore, revive, reinstate, insti- tute, promote, legalize. Hateful, horrible, loathsome, abhorrent, foul, odi- ous, offensive, detestable, im- pure, execrable. Desirable, admirable, enjoyable, pleasing, pure, delec- table. Offense, horror, shame, wickedness, abhorrence, aversion, disgust, curse, pollu- tion, iniquity, defilement, cor- ruption, nuisance, annoyance. Acquisition, enjoyment, gratification, blessing, desire, longing, delight, benefit, pleas- ure, satisfaction. Primitive, prime- val, primary, pristine, native, original, indigenous, autoch- thonous. Subsequent, imported, exotic, recent, modern, late, novel, fresh, immigrant, adven- titious. Failure, miscarriage, disappointment, non-success, vain effort, defect, frustration, blunder. Success, consummation, completion, realization, perfec- tion, achievement, development, exploit, feat. Team, swarm, multi- ply, swell, increase, flow, luxu- riate, flourish, prevail, wanton, revel, exuberate. Waste, lack, wane, van- ish, lessen, decrease, die, decay, fall. Concerning, regarding, touching, relative to, with ref- erence to, in regard to; near, surrounding, around; almost, nearly, well-nigh; ready, on the point of, on the eve of ; around, hind part before. Overhead, aloft, on high ; before, previously; higher, hav- ing precedence; over, exceed- ing, beyond, superior, exces- sive. Below, beneath, within; later, subsequently; lower; less, diminished. Openly, candidly, frankly, sincerely, fairly, in- genuously, unreservedly, guile- lessly. Secretly, elusively, un- derhand, deceitfully, wili Jy. Named before, aforesaid, above-mentioned, abr] SYNONYMS AND ANTONYMS [abs above-cited, above-described, mentioned above. of "abandon"; visited, frequented, sociable; virtuous, good, de- serving, worthy, commendable, excellent, laudable; reclaim- able, penitent; conscientiou-s, correct, upright, righteous, self- controlled, high-principled, steady. Desertion, re- nunciation, surrender, rejection, abandoning, relinquishment, dereliction; cession, resigna- tion, abnegation, demission, ab- juration, abdication, defection, abrogation. Solicitude, care, heed, watchfulness, vigilance; hospi- tality, entertainment, convivial- ity, welcome, reception; reten- tion, completion, reclamation, support, help, correction, cus- tody, tenacity. Degrade, reduce, lower, discredit, disgrace, dishonor, humble, sink, humiliate, bring low, cast down, stoop, debase, depress, drop, take down, demean. Elevate, exalt, honor, promote, raise, dignify, uplift, aggrandise. Degradation, hu- miliation, dishonor, degeneracy, shame, depression, reduction, lowering, fall, deterioration, de- basement, degeneration, vitia- tion, perversion, depravation, abjection, disrepute, discredit, subserviency. Promotion, exaltation, honor, elevation, aggrandize- ment, dignity, repute, reputa- tion, standing, supremacy. Bewilder, confound, dis- concert, discompose, confuse, daunt, humble, dishearten, mor- tify, shame, humiliate, snub, discountenance. Embolden, cheer, en- courage, animate, uphold, rally, countenance, inspirit, abet, in- cite, buoy. Lessen, lower, reduce, diminish, moderate, decrease, decline, ebb, mitigate, subside, suppress, terminate, remove; temper, assuage, alleviate, ap- pease, pacify ; remit, allow ; re- lax, slacken; bate, deduct; soothe, soften, qualify, allay, mollify, compose, tranquil ize, quiet, quell, calm, dull, blunt; batter down, beat down, demol- ish, raze. Increase, prolong, mag- nify, foment, enlarge, extend, aggravate, continue, develop, re- vive, raise, enhance, amplify. Subsidence, decline, lowering, reduction, decrease ; allowance, discount, rebate, de- preciation, drawback; modera- tion, lessening, mitigation, as- suagement, remission, sinking, settling, waning, fading, ebb, evanishment, declension, deduc- tion, diminution. Increase, augmenta- tion, enlargement, increment, accretion, development, growth, aggrandizement, dilation, acces- sion. Shorten, contract, curtail, reduce, abridge, con- dense, epitomize, compress. Lengthen, extend,, elon- gate, dilate, expand, amplify, enlarge, produce, stretch, pro- long, expatiate. Abridgment, contraction, condensation, com- pend, abstract, epitome, reduc- tion, summaiy, curtailment, compression. Expansion, amplifica- tion, expatiation, extension, pro- duction, enlargement, dilation. Resign, relinquish of- fice (especially of the throne), surrender, abandon, vacate, forego, renounce, give up, cede. Retain, claim, ocoupy, maintain, usurp, seize, grasp. Take away (surrepti- tiously or forcibly ) , kidnap, run away with, carry off, spirit away, drag away.

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