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Products don't have to be limited to those available from online wholesalers.Alternate places to find low-cost goods that can be sold at a profit include items made by local artisans or crafters, products sold at factory stores next to a manufacturing facility, and overstock or closeout sales at the local big box store.All the sites we design are branded to meet your to appeal to your target market.

Before making any sizeable investment, it is key to determine that the products can be purchased at a low cost, and that there is adequate demand so the items can be sold at a profitable price.

The customer selects the product and submits payment online, and the site takes a commission before passing the money onto the retailer. With more experience and higher sales, consideration should be given to opening a unique online store that not only promotes the product but also provides a secure way for customers to purchase.

Sales can also be made in brick-and-mortar stores, at local fairs, through ads on craigslist, or via Facebook yard sale sites.

In addition, thousands of manufacturers are listed with directories that give retailers a range of choices in vendors.

Reputable directories include: Answering those questions can help you select the right wholesale company.

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