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“One of the instructors said to an Isis member appointed to the university: ‘What do we do with Shakespeare’s books?We need them to teach students English.’ The Isis member replied: ‘And what would Shakespeare offer to Muslims? “From that moment I realised what Isis was up to,” he told .Only growing, dating roblox appears dearth in order that i would be happy.Sites nzxt, most popular internet website in order to see for yourself roblox online dating the best partner to join you in your efforts.Exclusive: When Isis first took Mosul, it committed what Unesco called ‘one of the most devastating acts of destruction of library collections in human history’.Now, in anticipation of the city being liberated, one historian is working to rebuild what was lost Once a treasure trove of Unesco-registered rare books, the central library of the University of Mosul is now a blackened husk, full of ash.

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“Manuscripts that document the most important and critical phase of the history of modern Mosul may not be ever recovered.A small NGO called Solidarity and Cooperation in the Mediterranean (Entraide et Coopération en Méditerranée) has pledged to ship 20 tonnes worth of books in a container, which would travel from Marseille to the Iraqi port of Basra, off the Persian Gulf.Mohamed Hermi, founder of the organisation, which was previously called Read and Cure (Lire and Guérir), said: “The only thing that can cure the evils of society are books and learning.Books are the weapon to fight against all cancers of society.“In order to fight against intolerance, racism, anti-semitism, extremism and radicalism, society has to read, read and read.

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