Can dating lose alimony

How much will be awarded depends on the laws of your state, the needs of each spouse, and the spouse's ability to pay spousal support.

The length of payments and termination of support will be determined by your divorce decree, but alimony will generally end upon remarriage or cohabitation of the receiving spouse.

Once it is ordered by the court, it must be paid or your ex faces contempt of court.

How can our lawyers come up with different estimates for alimony?

Brette's Answer: Some states use the word "maintenance" instead of alimony - they are the same thing. Brette's Answer: Preliminary maintenance is temporary - while the case is pending.Andrea's Question: My partner and I have got engaged a year ago. If he filed for divorce can he collect spousal support from me?Today he informed he wishes to break the engagement. Josette's Question: He filed for divorce (after 20 years together) and just recently I received papers from Domestic Relations for a conference because he wants me to pay him spousal support.Can my spouse successfully fight to get alimony calculations based on my full-time income capacity?Lisa's Question: I am salaried part-time, and I have Crohn's disease and other medical issues that would make it extremely difficult to work full time. Could my spouse be successful in fighting to get the calculations based on full-time income capacity, which would cut my support to very little?

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