Cash liquidating distribution

An offset is an overpayment that is applied to a tax notice.

We must also provide the information to the IRS, and you may be required to report all or part of the amount of the New Hampshire Form 1099-G as income on your federal return.

American-Style Options Options that can be exercised any time during their lifetime. Annual Report A publication, including financial statements and a report on operations, issued by a company to its shareholders at the company's fiscal year-end.

Anonymous Trading Permits Participating Organizations to voluntarily withhold their true broker identities when entering orders and trades on TSX trading systems.

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A credit is an overpayment, which is applied to another tax period.

Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) The provincial regulatory agency responsible for overseeing the capital market in Alberta.

All-or-None Order An order that must be filled completely or the trade will not take place.

Arbitrage The simultaneous purchase of a security on one stock market and the sale of the same security on another stock market at prices which yield a profit.

Ask or Offer The lowest price at which someone is willing to sell the security.

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