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Fellow police officer Inspector John Thexton told the court Strawhorn was one of the most highly-regarded investigators in the drug squad and crime department during his time there. Big news with Carl Williams pleading guilty to 3 nurders PM Anonymous said… but we can only speculate on some of the others as they won’t go to trial. In early 98 I doubt that Williams was a big player (although I could be wrong) And yes, SGW is some hot stuff indeed. The latest arrest coincides with an ongoing police bid to dismantle the financial empire of Tony Mokbel, 41, once estimated to be worth at least million.

Strawhorn’s lawyer Peter Morrissey described him as a distinguished police officer who was involved in high profile and successful drug cases investigating the Moran family and fugitive drug dealer Tony Mokbel. “Mr Strawhorn makes it quite plain here, he maintains his innocence,” Mr Morrissey said. I doubt that Gangitano and Williams would have been the best of buddies. She is also prevented from disposing of her 2001 black BMW.

We’re back and so too is the whackin’ Mr Moran, 60, the brother of slain gangland figure Lewis Moran and uncle of Jason and Mark, was shot at the Ascot Pasta & Deli Cafe on the busy Union Road shopping strip in Ascot Vale about midday. We’re frantically ringing everyone we can think of… PM Friday, September 29, 2006 Fears that police inquiry will undermine trials Fears that police inquiry will undermine trials…: “A WOMAN allegedly hit by a member of the disbanded police armed offenders squad has been released on bail, after a court heard her confession might be inadmissable.

at PM Labels: whacked 10 comments: Anonymous said… There are concerns that a number of alleged violent criminals could walk free because of the assault accusations levelled at members of the squad during public hearings held by the Office of Police Integrity.” This is EXACTLY the sort of thing that happens when incompetent, corrupt or violent coppers get caught.

He appeared before the Victorian Supreme Court in Melbourne on Wednesday for a pre-sentence hearing where the court heard the maximum penalty for trafficking a commercial quantity of drugs is 25 years. The order covers homes in Caulfield, Preston and Safety Beach.

(If-they kill-me violently for saying too-much will I-take revenge after or just go-quietly? “This is Ms Nixon’s last hurrah to try and stitch up Paul Mullett – that’s the way I read it,” Mr Tanner told ABC radio this morning. He was found not guilty of three charges of trafficking drugs to the Bandidos bikie gang and one charge of threatening to kill a police officer. Outside court Purana taskforce detectives said a restrining order prevented Mrs Mokbel from selling or remortgaging five Melbourne properties in her name.

How-come it’s-only international drug-bosses crime-kings & mob-lawyers that seem to have loyalty? So here’s how it goes down: Holding back tears, Williams, 38, once the wife of a wealthy and powerful crime figure, revealed she would be forced today from her husband’s former Essendon house. We all know Fat Tony has cash bursting out of ever orifice, nook and cranny. Fact is she really is in some strife, and for all her faults this has been a tough time and we are not without sympathy: Roberta Williams’ lawyer Theo Magazis told the court that she was now a sole parent to her three children – aged 15, 13 and six – and may soon have care of a foster child.

There are many examples of women like Roberta- not the whole gangster vibe, but rather the “driving force” behind a figurehead male. Roberta played the “just a suburban housewife” card more than once and played the “we’re just a normal family (yo, with gangster shit topping)” card long after it became obvious she was none of the above. Carl should be taking care of his daughter at worst- no matter how his and Roberta’s relationship is (and we’re not sure just how angsty it really is…).

dont you love being infamous, ya cocksuckin, peddafillic, gangrapin, drink spikin, plastic titty lickin, underdog kickin, 1% of nothin two bit wanna be mafioso bitches! More to come It’s time to go: Stephen Linell Dr Lyon told Mr Linnell that deputy commissioner Simon Overland — whom Mr Linnell and Mr Ashby had strongly criticised in some of their taped conversations — had revealed to him in confidence during a September 17 phone call that the OPI intended to investigate leaks to the media. When Mokbel was charged in 2001, the County Court froze assets including cars, houses and industrial properties.Thanks once again to the original anonymous author. Either that or everyone he rang couldnt get the day off school. Prosecutors accused Ms Mokbel of committing perjury by failing to tell the court this year that she had given her uncle 0,000 worth of jewellery that he buried in his Parkdale garden.Most story links are to the 2 main newspapers in Melbourne, the Herald Sun and the Age and some links may be broken or since removed. The September raid uncovered more than 0,000 concealed inside plastic pipes and more than 100 valuables, including 18 watches and 33 jewellery boxes of expensive trinkets, that were unearthed during a raid by detectives on the Alma Rd, Parkdale, property. The hearing before Justice David Habersberger continues. Maybe there is nothing happening in the Melb underworld atm… There’s always something going on in the underworld it’s just that the author of this shit blog “Paul Anthony Hatzakortzian” can’t access a computer at the moment. He was convicted in his absence to 12 years’ jail with a minimum of nine years. He said he was absolutely certain of Strawhorn’s honesty and wanted the court to be aware of his previous good character. i reckon the cops were behind it all along PM Anonymous said… At least the has started up again…and it has a link to this site. I wanna know if Gangitano had anything to do with Babyface PM Anonymous said… ALthough I’d say she knows it, too PM Anonymous said… About time we saw some updates to this blog, including news on Carl Williams’s latest girlfriends, Fat Tony’s whereabouts and ZGW’s latest antics AM Anonymous said… Mokbel fled Australia in March during a trial for importing 2kg of cocaine from Mexico in 2000.

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