Chicago illinois dating laws

He also sold machines from his home in Ohio and at the Chicagoland shows.

Mike was known for his sense of humor, shenanigans, and he loved to wheel and deal.

He collected all types of Gambling machines, Penny Arcade, Vending, and Mechanical Music.

Many of us got the coin-op “bug” after a visit with Mike.

He also had a passion for old cars, was a member of several car clubs and enjoyed drag racing in his early years.

He had a deep affection for pugs and we are comforted in knowing that he’ll be reunited with pugs Liza, Beau, Daisy, Bonnie, and Winston.

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As one of the pioneers in coin-ops, his knowledge of the machines and their history is superlative.

Our eyes were treated to numerous trade stimulators, vending machines of all types, and some cool old penny arcade.

Pinballs, video games, jukeboxes, & mechanical music machines were in abundance.

He has always been a persistent “finder” and was among the first to set up in Chicago with great things for sale.

Jack has written many articles for COCA Times Magazine.

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