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Sansa says no amount of money is worth living under those conditions.Arya keeps telling Sansa she has to go and is pressuring me to talk her into going.You can say the things that would get a reasonable person to back off, and even most pushy people.But if she’s gone off the rails and is determined to stay there, all you can do is to keep using the language above.This plan seems designed to exclude more people than it includes.

What can I do to get Arya and the company to back off and accept Sansa’s decision? Say this to Arya: “Sansa is thoroughly considered this, and she will not go.

What if a breastfeeding mom wanted to (at her own expense) bring her newborn and a nanny?

What about the city mice among us who don’t own a sleeping bag or backpack?

So, for those us in North America – the “new kids,” as it were — that would mean a day of travel on each end of the meeting, thus a full week away.

My main concern is for the accessibility-challenged among us – someone who has mobility issues, a broken bone, severe allergies, or requires use of a CPAP.

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