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Welcome to the “Matrix Economy,” where people pay to spy on themselves…and have fun doing it! C., April 26, 2018 – The Trump administration’s nominee to be CIA director, Gina Haspel, personally supervised the torture of a CIA detainee in 2002 leading to at least three waterboard sessions, subsequently drafted the cable that ordered destruction of the videotape evidence of torture, and served as a senior CIA official while the Agency was lying to itself, Presidents George W.One 19-year-old hunting for water Pokémon in a rural river ended up uncovering a dead body, one IT executive got fired from his job after an online Facebook tirade inspired by frustration at the game, and one You Tuber who was live streaming the game while out Ubering allegedly saw someone get murdered right in front of him…but that turned out to be a hoax.If you’re wondering what’s going on here, you’re not the only one.It seems the internet is flipping its collective lid over this app as the line between gaming and the real world gets blurrier.But perhaps all of this pales in comparison to the game’s terms and conditions. That’s because until last year they were an internal start-up of none other than Google, the NSA-linked Big Brother James Corbett The International July 13, 2016 Privacy advocates (that’s establishment speak for “normal human beings”) celebrated earlier this week as the House rejected yet another attempt to expand the Patriot Act’s snooping provisions.

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It goes by the name of “Pokémon Go” and it is a so-called “augmented reality” game that allows users to capture, train and battle virtual Pokémon by chasing them around through real world environments with your smart phone.

The Yokohama B and C War Crimes Trials in 1947 sentenced four Japanese to hard labor sentences of between 15 and 25 years apiece for waterboarding American prisoners whom the Japanese considered to be terrorists since the U. Army Air Corps was at that time firebombing Japanese cities, killing tens of thousands of civilians.[5] Ms.

Haspel herself may or may not have appeared on the waterboarding videotapes that she helped order destroyed, since an October 25, 2002 cable from CIA headquarters commanded the re-use of a single videotape, thus overwriting the previous day’s torture session.[6] The new instructions against keeping videotapes, issued at about the same time that Ms.

That’s right, folks, this is not merely a game, it is a phenomenon.

For those unfamiliar with “augmented reality” gaming, it’s a type of game where one tracks virtual characters or objects that appear on their smart phones through real world environments.

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