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Gold and credit purchases will be disabled until the final day of CCC.If you attempt to purchase, you will shown the following message, it’s not a bug, just the simplest way for me to disable payments.It pains me to bring closure on Chit Chat City, probably one of my life’s greatest achievements, and I thank you for respecting my decision and not trying to make me change my mind. acronyms, abbreviations, cyberslang, initialisms, jargon, leetspeak, shorthand, SMS code, textese With hundreds of millions of people texting regularly, it's no wonder you've seen this cryptic looking code!Make sure to take screenshots for memories, put up some #rememberccc youtube photo slideshows as the game won’t be accessible after August 1st.Mods are working on setting up a farewell party, which I will be sure to attend to.Well most people were, but some wanted attention, constantly pushed the boundaries or needed to release real-world pressure into something. I never thought I would have to code something this complex when I started building Chit Chat City.I must have spent over 60% of my time setting up rules, report workflows, suspensions, investigations, tools, etc.

Back then I was assuming online communities would be represented by well mannered and respectful people.Take full advantage of our video and audio advanced chat room software and get truly intimate with other users.Don't be surprised if you cross paths with people in your local area; a lot of people use FCN's sex chat service.Make friends, watch amateur videos and participate in LIVE webcam sex chats. I hated how most online games only lets you pick pre-drawn stuff and change colour and call it customization.

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