Creation radioactive dating

Studies have been made of submarine basalt rocks of known recent age near Hawaii. Yet it was found beneath a layer of the volcanic KBS Tuff that had an accepted radiometric date of 2.6 MY (millions of years old).

Each team criticized the others' techniques of rock sample selection.

They covered "expected" ages ranging from 1 to 600 million years.

In almost every case of a discrepancy, the fossil dates were accepted as correct. Woodmorappe quoted one researcher as saying: In general, dates in the 'correct ball park' are assumed to be correct and are published, but those in disagreement with other data are seldom published nor are discrepancies fully explained.2 When these reports did discuss the possible causes of errors, they used words such as "possibly," "perhaps," "probably," "may have been," etc.

One is the Carbon-14 system used for dating fragments of once-living organisms.

It's never used for non-organic samples, and almost never even attempted if the sample is thought to be much older than about 50,000 years.

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