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Stuttering is characterized by a disruption of the “normal” speech pattern by the interjection of involuntary pauses and blocks in speech and the involuntary repetition of sounds, words and phrases.

Many years ago it was believed that those affected by a stutter were of a lower intelligence level; however, this has been proven time and again to be untrue.

Mood disorders can vary but include bipolar depression and clinical depression.

Bipolar depression is a psychological disorder that is characterized by periods of manic behavior, depressed behavior and occasional periods of mixed mania.

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Unfortunately for those suffering from cerebral palsy there is no current cure for the disease and the most that the medical community can offer is treatment of the complications that arise from the disease itself.

As these sheathes are destroyed the signals that travel along them as your brain sends messages to parts of the body are prevented, destroyed or warped.

As the disease progresses lesions begin to form in the brain and on the spinal cord which interfere with normal data transmission within the central nervous system.

The term disability can be used to apply to any number of physical or mental conditions that set us apart from each other.

In this article we will discuss some of the disabilities that affect current celebrities of the past and present including: mood disorders, Tourette’s, speech differences, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and schizophrenia.

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