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However, note that the first character in the value is an exclamation point (! Placing an exclamation mark at the beginning of the Value data allows you to modify those files with the extensions listed.

When you do not place an exclamation mark at the beginning of the Value data, you cannot modify files with the extension listed.

Finally, I'm making a simplifying assumption that all files are what I'll call "proper" file names, i.e.: they have only a single period in the file name.

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Out of the box, the only file extensions you can use are txt, csv, tab and asc.Jet comes with IISAMs for d Base, Excel, and text files.The amount of functionality supported for each file type will vary from IISAM to IISAM." When using the text IISAM, the format of the text file is determined by using a schema information file.Once the specification has been stored there, you can then use it programmatically by passing the name of the specification as a parameter to the Transfer Text method: In that example, the details stored as specification "Standard Output" would be used when exporting the data produced by qry April Details to table C:\Txtfiles\Note that while the Transfer Text method most often is used to import text files, the ability to create linked tables exists as well: depending on the characteristics of your text file, you’d use either ac Link Delim or ac Link Fixed instead of ac Export Delim in the example above.

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