Dating a cyclist

) You know, those days when you just don’t get out of bed, watch movies and catch up on the day’s newspapers?Cyclists need their rest and the old adage goes: if you don’t have to stand, sit; if you don’t have to sit, lie down.v=2012-08-21 ","sources":[,]}"\r\n","ref":"1400","mediaid":"Btyg AVOA","date":"September 12, 2013","image":"https:\/\/\/filestore\/1\/4\/0\/0_535630f5d39ac04\/kraken_20130912101904_1400pre_d9c95ae8661a18a.jpg? v=2013-09-12 ","sources":[,]}"\r\n","ref":"1317","mediaid":"98y MEF2P","date":"June 27, 2013","image":"https:\/\/\/filestore\/1\/3\/1\/7_3a1d36572056b4f\/kraken_20130620174514_1317pre_eca737c73dbc077.jpg? v=2013-06-20 ","sources":[,]}"\r\n","ref":"1395","mediaid":"gy7t Ta Hi","date":"August 29, 2013","image":"https:\/\/\/filestore\/1\/3\/9\/5_60dad9fc80097b6\/kraken_20130829122623_1395pre_4433a5513ee0b5d.jpg? v=2013-08-29 ","sources":[,]}" Trials rider Danny Mac Askill performs unbelievable bike tricks across his native Scotland.Film by <a href=" target="_blank"> Red Bull</a>.Hammers and saws don’t play much of a part in bike maintenance though, so it’s probably best not to ask for those…Unless you ride on your own, having a natter with your riding companions is one of the great joys of cycling.v=2013-07-15 ","sources":[,]}" Valey Rozov jumps from 25,330 feet on Mt.

£500 is an acceptable amount to spend on a pair of new wheels, so that £300 jacket you bought the other day pales in comparison.

If you’re not a cyclist, you’ll have plenty of time to yourself to do whatever it is you enjoy doing.

Your partner will be out for long periods of time, getting lost on country lanes and fixing punctures.

The study showed that professional cyclists who performed better in the 2012 Tour de France were found more attractive to females. , a psychological study conducted at Mindlab found the cyclists are considered to be 13 percent more intelligent than other people. Not to mention, they can just hop on a bike and travel without spending money on transportation.

study has actually proven that there is relationship between attractiveness and performance. Cycling burns fat, builds muscle, and is great cardio. Cycling tours, races, bike paths, you name it, there are so many travel options for cyclists.

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