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From anecdotal accounts, it would seem that out of every three Greek women, one can be characterized as “intense.” An American friend who had a long-standing relationship with a Greek-American woman characterized Greek girls as “complicated”, “full of issues,” and “problematic.” He eventually killed the relationship because he just could not handle the extreme emotionality of his partner.Alternatively, a Greek-American man who had tried unsuccessfully for many years to appease his parents by dating only Greek girls gave it up because as he said, “They’re all crazy.” He is now happily married to an Irish-German very American woman “with no hang ups.” From what I have heard from guy friends, both Greek and non-Greek who date Greek women, the verdict is that Greek girls are wracked with insecurities, jealousies, petty disagreements, that present major challenges to relationships for guys who want just a laid-back, live-and-let-live type of relationship.However, when the disease is recognized, affected women are advised not only to partake in sexual activity, but also to cure themselves with acrid or fragrant fumigation of the face and genitals, to push the uterus back to its natural place inside the body [2–4].So the ancient experts have spoken: If Greek women are more neurotic than most, it’s due to lack of sex and a “melancholy” uterus.If a girl does not get enough, it might translate into erratic behavior.

“When I’d be away, she would text me and call me constantly.You will love forming a new relationship in Eligible fun, friendly environment! After dating for a year and a half, he proposed to me on Seven Mile Beach in the Grand Cayman Isle. Our goal is to help Greek singles find others who are looking for the same things they are in a relationship, whether that’s in Greece or around the world.You will love forming a new relationship in Eligible fun, friendly environment!According to Greek mythology, the experience of hysteria in women was attributed to core of their madness.Researchers at the University of Calgari in Italy in an article entitled “Women and Hysteria in the History of Mental Health,” tell us the back story: The Argonaut Melampus, a physician, is considered its founder: he placated the revolt of Argo’s virgins who refused to honor the phallus and fled to the mountains, their behavior being taken for madness.

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