Dating a ibanez ts808

The old ones also makes a slight ”ping” sound when the pedal is pressed, while the reissue ones have more of a muted ”click” sound.From 1996 onwards, the pedal got a ”CE” mark on the bottom, which helped identify it as a reissue.TS-808 Overdrive Pro: the first Tube Screamer, introduced somewhere around 1979-1980 (I don’t have an exact date here).There were previous Ibanez pedals labeled ”overdrive”, but the TS-808 was the first time we saw this particular circuit.And it’s also the first one to bear the ”Tube Screamer” name, so that’s where we start.Almost all of the TS-808s used either the JRC4558D or the Texas Instruments RC4558P op-amp. The pots are different from the ones in the later pedals (they are the open design, rather than enclosed), but aside from those you could easily turn a (far cheaper) TS-9 into an 808.Original TS-9s are starting to get real expensive as well, but here in Sweden you can still find them at about the same price as a new reissue unit. The ”Master Series” which replaced the ”9” series in 1985, didn’t actually have a Tube Screamer.The pedal in the picture is my own beat-up pedal – originals obvisously have a red LED 🙂 Note: The ”9” series also contained the TS-9s bigger brother: the ST-9 Super Tube Screamer. They kept the Super Tube Screamer instead (but moved the mid boost’s position to after the distortion stage) and called it ”Super Tube” (STL), The Master Series only lasted until 1986, when it was replaced by the ”Power Series” – which is when the number ”10” started appearing in the model names.

The switch (the little tactile switch inside) is different, though, so if you take it out the difference is clear.They are harder to mod to 808 specs, though, as the TS-10 not only had component value changes (like the ”9”) but also a few components that weren’t there before.The input/output jacks are mounted directly on the pcb, with no support from the box, and many of them eventually fail.These pedals are very expensive these days, unless you come across one at a garage sale of course.But I admit that’s a quite unlikely scenario 🙂 TS-9 Tube Screamer: this one appeared around 1982-83, when Ibanez introduced the ”9” series with a completely redesigned exterior.

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