Dating across language barrier

In many of those relationships, the partners have different native languages.But this is not necessarily a roadblock in relationships.Study can sometimes be frustrating, tedious, or stressful.We all remember from our school days that even the keenest learners can get annoyed with their teachers.Bilingual couples can grow closer by sharing their language and culture.What’s more, their children benefit from advanced linguistic skills and sharper cultural sensitivity.And intercultural relationships and marriages are on the rise in the UK.

In these situations, ask for clarification before getting upset.Clarify to quell fights Many couple arguments stem from miscommunication, even when both partners are from the same region and speaking the same native tongue.Imagine, then, how many misunderstandings must occur in couples where there is a partial language barrier.Don’t make your partner your translator In your language learning efforts, your partner will be a great resource when it comes to practising, or picking up colloquialisms and slang.For study, though, it’s better to seek out a language class, learning software, or quality textbooks.

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