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Buying a business can be a stressful minefield full of snags and potential issues when trying to make a deal and conclude the sale.

We aim to make buying a business a stress-free process by providing a, professional and trustworthy service that favours you and the seller equally.

The message requests that the recipient clicks onto a website link that leads to a phishing website designed to steal online banking details.

Although text messages are currently the most common delivery method, similar communications have been reported with fraudsters using email and telephone to defraud individuals.

It allows customers to keep their existing phone number and transfer it to a new SIM card.

The existing network provider sends the customer a Port Authorisation Code (PAC), that when presented to the new provider allows the number to be transferred across.

Armed with this information, the fraudsters then called the victim back and persuaded them to hand over their banking authentication code from their mobile phone.

Known as smishing, this involves the victim receiving a text message purporting to be from TSB.Business Partnership have been helping sellers and buyers successfully for over 25 years.Our nationwide network of experts are there to support you in buying a business.This added the spoofed text to an existing TSB message thread on the victim’s phone.The victim clicked on the link within the text message and entered their personal information.

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    Microsoft regularly delivers security patches, hotfixes, and software updates through Windows Update, and so if this service stops running or is turned off, then Windows can become vulnerable to bugs and security holes.

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