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This video was a custom request and the name Nick is used. I also want to show you exactly what I am going to do to you next time we are able to sneak away for some taboo fun.

You ask, I try to hide it even further but then succumb and show you big trouble but I am very desperate for you not to call my parents..don't know. Cum see how I convince you and then visit Watch for your very own custom request! I enjoy talking dirty to you and even give you details on the baby's movement while rubbing my belly.

After going through 3 very intense contractions, you finally decide I've gotten hard enough, and use a vibrator to bring yourself to orgasm.

Of course this brings on another very strong contraction.

That's because I listen to you and I know how to deliver. I play with myself and tell you exactly what it is you want to hear while sucking my thumb. I am dressed in a sexy maid outfit cleaning your room. As long as we don't touch we don't have to tell, right? You've always been entranced with my beautiful Goddess body, face, and hair. This video was a custom request and the name "Simon" is used throughout. This video was a custom request and the name Sam is used throughout.

I then take out my dildo to show you exactly where I'd like your dick. Now I am stuck celebrating New Years Eve on my own. I confess it has been a long time since I have had sex. I am wearing a white dress that I slowly peel off everything and proudly display my stomach. " with me as I take out my hidden toys and end with an orgasm. He probably should just cut it off anyhow, there's not anything really there? My perfection knows no bounds so therefor neither does your submission to my will. I encourage you to jerk your cock to my beautiful body as I expose my full tits, round stomach, and smooth pussy. I know it\'s what you\'ve always wanted to hear from me as well.

You love every part of me being pregnant and every bit of me turns you on. This video was a custom request and no name is used throughout, except "Daddy." In the matter of minutes I transform from your innocent little girl to a BBC loving slut. I know you just caught me taking naughty photos of myself but I would have never done this if I hadn't of found your raunchy interracial porn stash. Oh, and I also have something else to show/tell you. I see you in the halls at school watching my gorgeous alpha jock boyfriend and my perfect self holding hands, kissing, & touching each other. I can tell your type so that's why I have invited you into my hotel room while we are all on the road together. Good job hunny, we are one step closer to being ready. What was requested in his words:" Impregnation fantasy. Lots of suggestive dirty talk about mounting your hot cunt, filling your womb with sperm, your hard boner is stretching out my cunt Phil, feel my tight hole milking your hard cock Phil, I'm going to make you spray so hard inside me Phil, how excited you are for me to pump you full of jizz so you can have (our/a) baby.

Watch me strip to nude showing off many different positions, playing with myself with my fingers and more. Why don't you watch me get around for my date with my black lover and I will explicitly tell you all about it! He's a real man who had all the capabilities of getting me . You play in the band, I cheer-lead, and my boyfriend plays football. I want to teach you to suck cock so you can serve my boyfriend and I. Now I'll encourage you to cum and give a countdown, make sure baby's item is on the way FIRST though or else your orgasm will be ruined. Some of the same trigger words, cunt, boner, hard on, sperm, jizz, womb, fuckhole, smell my armpits Phil, lick my armpits Phil, fuck my tits Phil, suck my nipples Phil, fuck my tight pussy Phil, pump my cunt Phil, fuck me Phil, get me pregnant Phil, you want to get me pregnant Phil, those kind of triggers?

At first I am shocked, initially accusatory and judgmental, but eventually thank you for at least admitting to it. I think I have a solution, but you are going to have to commit to it... Off on a business trip I create a home video for my boyfriend who always wanted to breed me. Giving a tour of my growing bumps while dirty talking about all the changes and how much he has always wanted this. This video was a custom request, visit Watch for your very own custom video fantasy! I love talking dirty to you about this while instructing you how and when to jerk your cock. I am in trouble, in your office because the teachers say I am being a distraction.but I also release videos of my own creation when I have the time. I pride myself on being relatable and easy to communicate with. You love big boobs and my really full tits are no exception. This video was a custom request and the name Kris is used near the end. What's better than a cute sexy girl telling you how to jerk your cock? I see you hiding behind the curtain and invite you to come out. Let me show off my over-sized tits and tight pussy, as I encourage and instruct you to cumming. This video was a custom request and the name Jorge is used. I slipped into this sweet blue baby doll and instantly knew I wanted to tease you with my sexy pregnant body. Get your very own custom video at Watch I know you want this clip. Now the tables are turning and my beautiful body, face, and hair just get even more gorgeous as my belly becomes more round. This is just going to be another fetish you add to your growing list every time I create a new clip. Towards the end I rub my belly faster as you stroke your cock to the rhythm underneath my spell. I know why you're here and I am going to make it very worth while for you. This clip details a few different scenes with a lot of dialogue and props to visually tell the story.Here in my store you will find many different genres. You can interact with me on my twitter @brookemariecam andlearn about me on Use the search bar to find exactly what it is you are looking for. Contact me and we can create it together [email protected] Watch me rub lotion on my pregnant belly and big boobs while I talk dirty to you. I am sitting on my bed talking to you because I am sad my husband is overseas in Australia. Come on Daddy, I want you to jerk your cock for me. You do know it's illegal to "hide" in your hotel room while I am cleaning, right? "I think you can make it up to me, I am so horny since I became and I reaaallyyy like black dick. You won't mind if I take my clothes off and get comfortable will you? This video contains elements of JOI, SPH, Cuckholding, CEI, humiliation, and pregnancy fetish. Using photos of Jorge's so called penis to further emasculate him. First, let me show off my gorgeous pregnant body, after all I AM The Ultimate Goddess. I talk to you about how much you love pregnant girls, myself being no exception and quite the pleasant surprise. You love to watch me show off my full tits, pregnant body, and firm ass. This video contains a lot of dirty talk as I convince you pregnant. I tell Sam all about being a cuckold and he tells me how he wants me to get pregnant, but not with his baby. I can tell how much you're enjoying looking at my pregnant figure and I am going to use this to my advantage..want to cum don't you? This is the final installment in the Blue Ball Series. This video shows me trying on various maternity outfits that hug my curves and show off my burgeoning bump while I talk about how much of a turn on it is to watch me and how much you're turned on by pregnancy. Too much construction here though, think we could meet at the hotel next door? This video takes place over the course of many months but is filmed with a week time frame in mind. This clip contains elements of being teased, seduced, convincing, verbally repeating, owing me, and agreeing to do things for peeks. Will my friends come forward and torture you around town while I am gone? I am also going to make him do more things for even more peeks at my luscious bits. This begins a series of trying to convince Fred he IS GOING TO EAT his cum for me. This video was a custom request and the name Simon is used. So naturally I would like to thank you for the donation of your sperm you made last time. I sneak over to see the rival team's head coach (you) to convince him to "throw the game." I will do anything to win and I have heard you have an infatuation with pregnant high schoolers. We are a few months into your sessions and there hasn't been any progress, as you continue to tell you how I masturbate for hours on end in my free time. I know with my beauty though you aren't going anywhere. The session quickly turns into a JOE session while I strip and tease you with my very pregnant body. (Topless) Visit Watch for your very own custom video! You know, I need to go over some documents with you. He is dating my twin, so of course I use that against him. This final installment pulls from the previous two videos. This clip contains elements of being teased, seduced, convincing, verbally repeating, owing me, and agreeing to do things for peeks. I just know he did not taste his own cum last time so now I am going to make him squirm. This video was a custom request and the name Fred is used. Watch as I invite him to do what I know he's always wanted to do. I an the head cheerleader for my high school and the championship football game is in a few hours. I am wearing the lingerie I wore when we had sex for the first time. I am your therapist whom you are seeing for your porn addiction.

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