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Louth is a civil parish, a municipal borough, the head of a union, a court district and a market town.

The parish covers a fertile vale on the eastern side of the Wolds, with the land sloping slowly down eastward to the North Sea some ten miles distant.

But why was such an important settlement sited in marshy ground?

The modern techniques of magnetometry (which detects disturbances in subsurface soil structure) and LIDAR (pulsed light which measures ground surface variations very accurately) provided clues.

Keddington parish lies to the north-east, Stewton parish to the east and Raithby parish to the south-west.

The civil parish covers about 2,750 acres, all within the borough of Louth.

It features the personal stories and experiences of Lincolnshire people both on the battlefield and the home front. Beginning in the mysterious world of the upper Palaeolithic (circa 300,000 years ago) and ending in the late Neolithic (2500 BC), we travel forward through time, meeting some of county's earliest inhabitants through the objects they left behind.

It highlights the contribution that our county made to the war effort with the aviation industry (Lincoln was the largest aircraft building centre in the world) and the development and production of the first tanks; the changing roles of women; the care of the wounded, and much more. Along the way you'll see the remains of some of the fearsome creatures they encountered, learn how people's lives were affected by ice ages, and discover whether you might have a little bit Neanderthal in you.

The site of the settlement could also be interpreted as a focal point of transport and communication in Lincolnshire connected to the outside world through water courses.A local metal detectorist had discovered rare and unusual Anglo-Saxon treasures in a marshy field in the village.The finds showed that people wrote (styli), butchered animals (bones), wove textiles (loom weights), sharpened implements (whetstones) and smelted metals (a hearth and melt fragments).The house was situated at the point where the river Lud split into the North and South Eau, hence the name Eau Meets.Incidentally the locals pronounce Eau as "ee" as in "see" and not the French pronunciation.

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