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He immediately becomes the world's biggest spendthrift, hiring a butler who promptly teams up with a crook to steal Jimmy's money.But in Jimmy's defense, everyone and everything in the heist plot is stupid: Jimmy and Lois for falling into a trap, the crooks for leaving their captives alone and unrestrained in a spare room, and magical smoke signals that can only be sent by burning Jimmy's money down to the very last dollar.He flipflops between normal behavior and homicidal rage so quickly, it's hard to believe anyone would trust him to get the coffee, let alone assassinate foreign nationals quietly.He is also ridiculously unsuccessful at killing Superman's loved ones, because the plot requires Superman to Then Conduit absorbs a crapton of electricity so that he can kill Superman, but accidentally kills himself instead. Let's put it this way: Planet Apokolips has a high-ranking minister named "De Saad" whose only talent is being good at torture.You could probably write a great story about all these LLs, or just put together a "mystery" that gives its readers absolutely no hope of guessing the correct answer.In this misfire, Lois, Jimmy and Clark get a "predictor machine" that answers their every question, including who will save Clark if he's in danger that day, with "LL." But the machine works, so will save Superman?

Far more interesting is that the machine predicted Superman would definitely marry an LL, so all those Clark-Lex shippers still have a reason to hope.

But what's weird is how the thing by sending it against a meteor shower with Kryptonite.

Mini-Superman stops that shower, but then, in the end, takes a Kryptonite bullet for Bigger Original Superman, whose powers bounce back as soon as the little guy dies.

finally arrived in theaters last week, and as always, fans are throwing around hyperbolic statements galore, declaring it either the best or the worst Superman movie ever.

The latter group has been much more vocal, and some are even petitioning to have Snyder removed as director of the upcoming Superman still has over 75 years of history behind him; that means a whole lot of stories from different eras.

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