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Here it is, what you've all been waiting for, the complete guide to Georgian men...okay, not really.

This is just a couple of observations I've made over the past few weeks about the less fair sex.

The situation was very different for working class people who were free to marry for love.

Things began to change as a result of couples running away to Gretna Green and the like who wanted to marry for love, and by doing so they managed to cheat their parents out of such a financial union.

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Samuel Johnson described a second marriage as a: triumph of hope over experience So what about a first marriage, how did you find a soul mate?Well, at the start of the Georgian era marriage, especially if you happened to be wealthy, was very much akin to an arranged marriage, with landed and gentry families arranging the marriage of their children to other wealthy families in order to build their empire and to keep the money in the family.Children were sometimes betrothed during their childhood and love took virtually no part in marriage.In my Faces of Georgia series you can see how varied the phenotype is, but in general Georgian hotness has an aggressive masculinity to it, a roughness.There are more or less no preppy guys or 'metro-sexuals' and fashion is quite different than in the US, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

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