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The exact location will be emailed to attendees 48hrs before the event.

This event does not have age restrictions - our events usually attract late 20s to early 40s - but we don't discriminate!

(Old friends - I’m sure you’ve missed me and relieved you’ve found me again, you’re welcome).

As much as I enjoy sitting on I'm someone who has an open, inquisitive mind, this mostly manifests itself in a love of travel, especially delving into different cultures as various as from the streets of New York to the mountains of tibet and discovering what they have to offer.

* Does it seem like the one for you isn't out there ?

For a girl who likes her coffee like me- Short, Black and Sweet : P Little about me: Deaf, Short, sweet and cheeky; With nice personality and vibrant, but yet am shy and quiet Trying to lead a very active & healthy lifestyle and hit the Hello fellow sofa members, I’m here looking for new friends or old friends who I’ve lost contact with over the years.I am looking for a woman who is easy-going, compassionate, intelligent I am intellectual, empathic and fun!I love the intimate connection I feel with women, and especially the exploratory path down which this can take us.Wine, organic herbal tea, finger food and drawing materials provided.Note: Please wear comfortable clothes as you will be sitting on the floor for some of the event.

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