Dating my massage therapist

Masseuse is a term that is related to the idea of a, "Happy Ending." (happy endings are ending the massage with a sexual release).Masseuses may have a license with the state they work in or they may not.Cidalia Paiva, Ph D in her book “Keeping the Professional Promise” says this: In the therapeutic relationship we are not simply serving the interests of persons: we are specifically serving the health care interests of vulnerable persons….She goes on to say: The therapeutic relationship’s primary function is to facilitate the health and well-being of our patients, ensuring that we bring our full presence and commitment to this experience.In order to be fully present in the therapeutic relationship, it is critical for the therapist to be self aware and personally responsible….Therapeutic progress can be blocked when therapists use their patients, perhaps unconsciously, to fulfill their own needs: to caretake others, to boost weak self esteem and to feel capable and/or powerful.

Once your license becomes active then you can officially have the title as a Licensed Massage Therapist or a LMT.

In the United States you have to go to massage therapy school and in each state there is an agreed amount of hours that an individual has to complete to apply for the MBLEX (licensing exam).

Yes, there is a licensing exam to become a massage therapist.

Nina Mc Intosh in her book “The Educated Heart” says that “boundaries are like protective circles surrounding the professional relationship.

Rather than being barriers that separate us from our clients, boundaries safe guard both practitioner and client.” The therapeutic relationship is focused on the well being of the massage client.

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