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We hope to one day look into the events that may have prompted them to take such a move.

Reverse: "SHEN" at bottom indicating this type was struck in AD 1188.

There are some differences in the dating of the Liao reign titles by Schjoth and Hartill, and we have chosen to use those given by Hartill as it is much more recent and almost certainly more reliable research. It is also the most common coin of the Liao Dynasty.

Schjoth (page 41) records that "in the 22nd year of Ch'ung-hsi (AD 1053) a cash bureau was established at Ch'ang-ch'un in Manchuria". Average (1 specimen) 2.57 grams, 24.3 mm (but the specimen was rather worn).

In spite of this being one of the more recent dynasties, the exact attribution of some of the rarer Ming coins is still in question. Average (18 specimens) 23.8 mm, 3.50 grams (the weight vary considerable and we have records of specimens from 2.2 to 4.1 grams) This type is reported to have been cast in very large numbers in AD 1527 (6th year of Chia Ching). The order in which Schjoth lists these rules does not give a sense of this history, and I am working on sorting out presentation that hopefully will do so, but I am not there yet. When his father was killed, and favorite concubine taken by Li Tzu-ch'eng, he responded by giving his allegiance to the Ching, and taking Peking for them by defeating Li Tzu-ch'eng.

Obverse: CHIH-CHENG T'UNG-PAO" in orthodox Chinese script.

We do not have a record of a price for this type at this time. It again seems impossible that these were really minted in Peking.

The two different Schjoth numbers are for narrow (1093) and wide (1094) rims, with the wide rim variation being the scarcer. In 1368 he controled enough of China to Declare himself as Emperor T'ai Tsu of the Ming Dynasty, at which time he adopted the reign title Hung-Wu.

The coin of this period are rare, and we do not have one yet available to image. In 1364, after defeating Ch'en Yu-liang of Han (another of the Yuan Rebels), and gaining control over a much larger part of China, Chu Yuan-chang declared himself the Prince Wu and adopted the reign title of Ta-ming but rather than putting the Ta-ming title on the coins he continued casting the Ta-Chung types, but now from a number of mints. These coins tend to be of inferior quality to the later coinage of Ming.

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