Dating someone who takes prozac

They will tell a patient to expect some side effects.Even as it vindicated some of what critics of drugs such as Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft have said for years, the earlier official warnings about the drugs appear to have led to a drop in their use -- and there are troubling signs that this can lead to an increase in suicides.Weare1 Thanks for pointing out the irony I was leaving it alone.

Or we could always try a poultice and a witch doctor that might work!PEACE ALLWhat if the two of you were stranded somewhere, and his meds were lost?I wonder if having an opportunity to meet for the first time the person you 'loved' would give you deep and permanent emotional scars.^Great answer!Probably the quickest way to end up on anti-depressants to admit that you've had suicidal thoughts so to me its not surprising that people on anti-depressants have a higher likely hood of having suicidal thoughts.thank you kyoki. by the time he killed himself he couldnt even remember his own kids b-day.. WOW what a wyld ride that was...a great time with her...just had a way of turning shit i would say around...if i meant it in a nice way...when i talked to him it was like talking to somene i didnt even know anymore and i was married to him for 17 yrs. this is a man who would have never took his life from his kids. Maybe an antidepressant would have given him the extra leverage he needed to cope. ( I am a person who loves to compliment ppl) an azzzhole.. Unless they r like a few ppl i know get the script eat them all ina day or genral i will date someone if i like them dont give to HOOTS about what they take or do..remember its the person ...what they need to get threw this sespool we call life.....after all im sure like myself we all have more flaws then we want to admit.....OP i would never stop from dating you or anyone who takes anything.....

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