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There are three vaccines approved to protect against HPV.

Gardasil protects against infection from four strains of the HPV virus and offers modest protection against genital warts.

The warts may look similar to the small parts of a cauliflower or they may be very tiny and difficult to see.

They often appear in clusters of three or four, and may grow and spread rapidly.

According to the CDC, at least 50% of sexually active men and women will get a genital HPV infection at some point in their lives.

After a person has been infected by HPV, it may take one to three months (or longer in some cases) for warts to appear.

Your best bet at preventing HPV infection and genital warts is to abstain from sex or limit sexual contact to one uninfected person.

If that is not an option, condoms may provide some protection, but condoms are not 100% effective, because they do not cover the entire penis or surrounding areas.

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You may hear their diagnosis and worry about the possibility they may have cancer.

You may worry about being infected with HPV or that cancer could affect you.

However, it's important to remember that HPV is extremely common.

Because there is no way to predict whether the warts will grow or disappear, people who have been infected should be examined and treated, if necessary.

Unfortunately, no treatment can kill the HPV virus that causes the genital warts.

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