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" at some point during their engagement, and since you are in a very vulnerable state right now because you haven't had enough personal time, we would be surprised if you didn't ask yourself this question under these circumstances.Many of our readers ask if there is a "test" to see if the person they are dating is really right for them.Instead, they are replaced by an emotional connection that develops over time, just as you and your fiance have developed your own emotional intimacy.

We won't deny there are some married couples who experience very strong chemistry for each other early in their relationship, but even for them, the "sparks" don't last.

When we have made similar observations to other people, they have reasoned, "Well, if we are going to spend every day together during our marriage, shouldn't we feel okay about spending every day together now?

" The fact is, there is a big difference between working through a decision to accept a marriage proposal and dealing with the flurry of excitement and pressure that follow an engagement announcement, and settling into a life together after the wedding.

I accept him for who he is, and I would rather he be himself than someone else.

I thought it was good that we spent so much time together in order to become closer emotionally, but maybe it was too stifling.

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