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Check out The Language of Desire, By Michael Fiore.As one of the leading dating sites for mature singles, there's no shortage of older women dating younger men on Elite Singles.Their idea of a date involves taking a walk in parks while drinking alcohol from Mc Donalds’ cola cups – not exactly sophisticated is it?You might have to do a bit of spending if you want classy dates.However, with the right guy – it’s worth all the trouble.Want to REALLY rock his socks in bed and show him your experience is what he needs?famously proclaimed 2009 as the year of the cougar.

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If he is not treating you right – don’t think twice about ditching him – even if the sex is mind blowing!

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For our in-depth analysis of the cougar phenomenon, read on...

They become incapable of doing anything else while watching TV.

They are VERY reluctant to let go of the TV remote.

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