Dating your friends mom

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Let her know about the funny mishap you had with your in-laws last week, but leave out the part about you being convinced your mother-in-law secretly feeds your children soda and is out to ruin your life.Here’s what I’ve learned in the trenches: There is a certain about yoga pants that allows everyone to take a big sigh of relief, our butt included (everyone’s butt looks awesome in yoga pants.) Seeing you in the official mom uniform will remind your date that you’re just like her, you’re in it together, and there is no need to compete.Unless of course you’re discussing the best brand of yoga pants at Target.I get so nervous before first dates, I inevitably forget the diaper-bag 60% of the time, and my son does a bust-out-of-the-diaper poop 100% of the time.If you’re on a date with an awesome mom, she will happily hand over a few wipes, a diaper, and even a changing pad if she is truly saintly.

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