Debian updating etch

The descriptions says 'You should not however use tis library for non-embedded applications, you should use libavahi-client which interacts with the avahi daemon'.

After the Linux/Bitkeeper fallout, I reluctantly moved to Subversion but have been relatively unhappy with it (suffering withdrawal from the cool things distributed SCMs can do for you).

If you're going to use an older release, you may need to tweak the setup to make it work.

For example, some old versions may install using references to "stable" instead of the the code name of the release and this may confuse systems attempting to install security updates. If you encounter any problems with these images, please check the Debian CDs FAQ.

So GIT and Mercurial are starting to mature a bit so I've been more willing to put my trust in them, plus the learning curve has eased a bit.

Unfortunately, as I've been doing most of my experimentation on Leopard, I've gotten used to the current versions, and the official stable packages in Etch are a bit behind.

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