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Someone has to drive you home, take your money on the gaming floor, and offer you VIP status at the club so they can charge you preposterous amounts of money for bottle service served from a boat.

" -- the irony of a person from Detroit questioning the choice to live in a particular city of ill repute being entirely lost on them, if not on me. " And my answer remains consistent, "Everything and nothing like what you would think." Las Vegans spend a disproportionate amount of time doling out one very obvious statement: yes, people actually live here, and not all of us work in casinos... Roughly 335,000 people in Las Vegas work in hospitality and leisure and this is a city of less than 2 million.Get noticed for who you are, not what you look like. " people quizzically responded when I told them where I would be moving. I’ve explained all the things that have to be explained to tourists, and have personally witnessed the city's oh-so-many problems and every last one of its worst people.Even still, the ambivalence pendulum steadily swings back and forth from contempt to tenderness.The endless parties, the frenetic pulse of the city, the sense of being “in the know” in a place so ostentatious, so out there; the feeling of solidarity with other locals, that us vs.

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